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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the e-Breeze deadline for articles, pictures, and activities?

The 15th of the month before. The e-Breeze comes out a few days before the first of the month.

How do activities get listed in The Breeze?

Activities only get listed in 'The Breeze' if they are first listed electronically in the AMC online trip listing system ( When it is time to publish an issue of The Breeze, the SEM Communications Chair downloads all the hiking, biking, paddling, trails, skiing, conservation, etc. activities from that system. Whatever has been downloaded will be published in 'The Breeze'.

How do I put an article or picture in 'The Breeze'?

Send article, pictures, announcements, etc. to the Communications Chair. Text will be edited for length, clarity, and typographical errors.

Do you want your trips listed in 2 issues of the outdoors for advance notice?

Trips will be listed only in the outdoors issue specified for the trip – unless you do two things. First, check the “Advance Notice” box at the top of the trip listing form when you enter the trip. Second, select the proper “Magazine Publication Starting Issue” drop-down at the bottom of the trip listing form.

Example: A trip taking place in January will appear in the Jan/Feb issue only. However, if you enter it by the Nov/Dec deadline of September 15 and select both “Advance Notice” and “Magazine Publication Starting Issue = Nov/Dec” then it will appear in both the Nov/Dec and Jan/Feb issues.

Note: Remember that the outdoors magazine is now being published only 6 times a year: Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, May/Jun, Jul/Aug, Sep/Oct, Nov/Dec. Deadlines are a month and a half before each and specified in the “Magazine Publication Starting Issue” drop-down.

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