AMC-SEM Chapter

2024 Executive Board

Officers & Standing Committees [hidden]

Chapter Chair Paul Brookes chair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Chapter Vice Chair Jeannine Audet vicechair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Secretary Lindsey Meyers Bertone secretary[at]amcsem[dot]org
Treasurer Earl Deagle treasurer[at]amcsem[dot]org
Past Chapter Chair Diane Simms pastchapterchair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Biking Chair Bill Trimble bikingchair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Biking Vice Chair open bikingvicechair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Cape Hiking Chair Robin McIntyre capehikingchair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Cape Hiking Vice Chair Janis Delmonte
Communications Chair Lara Szott communicationschair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Communications Vice Chair open communicationsvice chair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Conservation Chair Zoe Rath conservationchair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Conservation Vice Chair Paul Williams conservationvicechair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Education Chair Anne Duggan educationchair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Education Vice Chair Srini Iyengar educationvicechair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Hiking Chair Bill Belben hikingchair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Hiking Vice Chair Tracy Hawes hikingvicechair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Membership Chair Nancy Piedra membershipchair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Membership Vice Chair open membershipvicechair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Paddling Chair open paddlingchair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Paddling Vice Chair open paddlingvicechair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Skiing Chair Dia Prantis xcskichair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Skiing Vice Chair open xcskivicechair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Trails Chair Steve Scala trailschair[at]amcsem[dot]org
Trails Vice Chair Larry Petrone
20's & 30's Chair open 20s30schair[at]amcsem[dot]org
20s and 30s Vice Chair open 20s30svicechair[at]amcsem[dot]org

Ad Hoc Committees

   Nominating Committee Chair Ken Cohen nominatingchair[at]amcsem[dot]org
   Nominating Committee Vice Chair open Nominating Vice Chair
   Nominating Committee Member Pam Aberle nominating[at]amcsem[dot]org
   Nominating Committee Member Kathy O’Keefe nominating[at]amcsem[dot]org

   DEI Chair open deichair[at]amcsem[dot]org
   DEI Vice Chair Rachel Brown-Eisenstadt deivicechair[at]amcsem[dot]org
   DEI Member Ashley Stehn dei[at]amcsem[dot]org
   DEI Member   dei[at]amcsem[dot]org

   Archive Committee Chair Past Chapter Chair pastchapterchair[at]amcsem[dot]org

  Development Committee Chair Diane Simms develop[at]amcsem[dot]org

Communication Committee Contacts

Social Networking Administrator Lisa Robitaille social.nw.administrator[at]amcsem[dot]org
Webmaster Cheryl Lathrop webmaster[at]amcsem[dot]org
Breeze Editor Maureeen Walsh breeze.editor[at]amcsem[dot]org
Blast Editor Marie Hopkins blast.editor[at]amcsem[dot]org

Other Important Contacts

AMC Volunteer Relations Katherine Brainard volunteerrelations[at]amcsem[dot]org
AMC Additional Contacts Membership, etc. outdoors[dot]org[slash]contact[dash]us

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